Since 1999 I worked with groups:
as an instructor/trainer for psychology, communication and dance, as an adult educator, psychotherapist, choreographer/director and as a supervisor with workshop groups, vocational classes, training groups and work teams, as well as with ensembles of actors, dancers and amateur groups.

I mainly work with people from educational, medical and social professions such as teachers, doctors, nurses, pastors, educators, etc. Wherever possible, I use methods of "learning for living", involving mind, body and soul and promote the individual in respect of its individuality. Here I am interested in the personal growth process of the individual as much as the group's development into a viable, flexible and workable whole.

The University of Hamburg provided fertile ground for my development.
The Communications Psychologist Schulz von Thun and his team taught us to lead lively and practical training sessions. And my wise thesis advisor Inghard Langer, a student of Carl Rogers and Ruth Cohn, gave us the art of healing conversation - and a deep trust in the group.

Later, my work with people was very much influenced by the California body therapist, dancer and performer Clover Catskill - with her personal, appreciative and respectful way to guide people in groups through creative processes. Clover also greatly influenced my development as a dancer: away from classical ballet's static catalog of forms - and towards more fluid and organic dance expression, which is based on principles of "Body-Mind Centering."

The Danish gestalt therapist and theologian Bent Falk was of equal influence on me. His brightness, his empathy and his humor are indomitable. From him I learned that (gestalt-) therapeutic work can be wonderfully complemented by a spiritual dimension. In this way, I later learned to appreciate the Bibliodrama as a theological, therapeutic and aesthetic form of self-reflection in groups. Now for my own dance theater productions as well I increasingly use methods of Bibliodrama.

As always, I learned perhaps the most important thing last: The Swedish theologian and hospital-pastor Lars Björklund helped me to understand the profound significance of the healing silence.
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